Hi, I'm Cat Byers.


A photographer, food stylist and creative copywriter, I've somehow managed to build a career around (mostly) playing with my food. I grew up in Scotland (yes, that famed culinary hotspot of deep fried Mars bars), spent my high school years in Oxford and studied History & French at the University of Manchester, so I'm not really sure how I got here either. I'm enjoying every minute though. 

And when I'm not photographing fish, tweezing cornflakes into place, or writing about pop-up meth lab cocktail bars, you'll find me reading up on death and madness in nineteenth-century Paris - I'm currently studying for an MA in Urban History & Culture. Feel free to get in touch for recommendations on cheerful titles such as 'The Invention of Hysteria' and 'The Butchering Art'.

I currently live in Paris, and work regularly in London and beyond.