My route into food styling was somewhat winding, but I suppose it really began when I started developing recipes on a personal blog called Feeding The Cat during an Erasmus exchange in Lyon in 2012. Before I even knew that food styling existed, I was skipping class to make and take pictures of chorizo shaped like Pacman, Warhol-inspired banana breads and an asparagus-prosciutto clock, among other bizarre arrangements. Then, a few months after graduation and between jobs, I landed a month's internship covering the Assistant Food Editor at Stella Magazine (The Daily Telegraph), where I learnt that food styling was, in fact, a real thing. From there, I went on to assist many respected UK Food Stylists in editorial and advertorial styling, eventually graduating from peeling and sweeping to cooking and styling, and I now work both as an assistant and an independent food stylist in Paris and London.

Below, you'll find an outline of some of the projects I've been working on over the last few years, as well as a few example images at the bottom.  I also recently led a food styling atelier for press guests of Deliveroo France, alongside photographer Jess Legitimus. You can read about some of the things we covered in Biba Magazine (in French)!



Independent clients: Kelloggs, Weight Watchers France, Golden Tulip Hotels

+ Press workshop for Deliveroo France

+ Recipe development for Aptaclub (Danone)

+ Private chef work in Provence for groups of 10-18



Independent clients: Farmstand, Chefclub, Rachel's Organic, Zero Degrees, Dailymotion x Frial Lesieur

Assisting: Petite Navire, M6 Top Chef, M6 Le Meilleur Patissier, Flunch, Lactalis 




Assisting: QVC, BBC Good Food, Observer Food Monthly, BBC Good Food Christmas, My Street Food Kitchen, Olive Magazine Christmas, Rowse Honey


Independent clients: Weight Watchers France (Helene Segara feature), Masterchef (Training Videos), Wahaca

Assisting: Waitrose Magazine, Jamie Magazine



Independent clients: Lena Rose Bakery, HungerDog Camden, Zero Degrees, Patara Thai, Bubbleology, Pizza Union, The Curious Pig, Hungry Donkey

Assisting: Sainsburys, Harvester, The Sunday Times, Mezze – Small Plates to Share, Luis Troyano’s Bake It Great!, Musclefood, Mr Porter, Tesco


Assisting: The Sunday Telegraph